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The Journey to Your Inner Truth -

Your Inner Self - Your Inner Knowledge...

Embrace The Journey on the Path to Your Inner Light ~

New! Now offering group healings. Please email me for more info and to schedule your group healing.

Walk with the Angels. Speak of the Angels.

Invite them into your life everyday. Know that you will receive love and support.

Remember that Angels are God's first creation.

When you share your stories of the Angels with others, know that they sing with joy

 because you believe in them and know them...

Blessings - Carol


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Carol’s Repertoire of Healing Includes:

Channeled Spiritual Healing – Carol taps into your individual Soul energy; your personal truths; your personal signature; your personal history, going back as far as the beginning of your Soul journey.  Here she “channels” from the greater good, the Divine, for your greatest good,  and using the tools of Qigong, Quantum Healing, and Hypnotherapy, accesses the root cause of your issues whether they be physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual.  Once identified, Carol works to heal the injuries, and it is at this time that personal messages come through for you.  These channeled words are words of healing, words of direction and words of facilitation.

Animal Healing – Carol uses the same techniques and tools with animals as she does with humans.  When an animal needs to communicate about an issue or has information to share with their companion human, Carol acts as translator.

House and Property Clearing – Carol identifies and works to heal any disruptive influence at a property including; spirit clearing and facilitation; energetic pattern balancing; geopathic stress lines.

Spirit Channeling – spirit guides, kindred spirits, angelic presence, will communicate through Carol as facilitators of healing.  

You are Invited –

This website is an invitation to explore the possibilities for you and for your life -
An invitation to participate in a healing process designed to facilitate your journey -
An invitation to actualize and fulfill your true life's purpose -  
This work is whole healing at its deepest level.  Enjoy! 

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Soul Awareness Book Cover

Miigwech & Peace...

Soul Awareness - A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing ~

Just released and available for purchase at:


"For all who seek the truth of their Souls, especially

the disenfranchised Christian reclaiming their Spirituality,

their Spirit and their Soul...."



"Carol is a gifted, intuitive, insightful healer - her ability to tap into the Divine and let Spirit move freely through her enables her to receive information & to go to places that few are able to access.  Carol has God given gifts of insight, courage, joyfulness & spontaneity that greatly enhances her healing ability & that enlivens her relationship with her client's.  Carol has been able to get right to the core issue of my challenges and has brought me great insight into the outside influences that have negatively affected my life.  I now live my life empowered and physically present in my body.  Thank you, Carol, you are truly a Blessing".

JoAnne M., Minneapolis, Minnesota

"...I have begun to take hugely positive steps in my life.  I have a clearer understanding of who I am and what I want to do with my life.  Carol cleared up a lot of my negative self-talk which had been holding me back from what I need and want to do in my life.  She helped me find the confidence to do it.  I have seen many "spiritualists" over the last twenty years.  Some have had the gift and others have not.  People like Carol are hard to find, but they are the people who have helped me to survive - and thrive - with a disease (HIV) which has killed millions.  See what Carol can do for you".

 John B., Chicago, Illinois

"The experience of working with Carol helps not only the body, but the mind, spirit & soul as well.  She is intuitive in ways you didn't even know you needed.  She is helpful in guiding you along life's path.  Carol has a gentle and loving way about her that puts you at ease.  She is forthright and the work continues to help and support long after the session has ended.  Working with Carol is an experience that you will never forget.  Enjoy her many gifts and blessings, it is well worth it."

Robin L., Lake Bluff, Illinois

"It has been a tremendous gift to experience and witness what a true and gifted healer Carol is.  Through her work I have been deeply rewarded, profoundly affected, and moved with awe.  In every facet of my life, and with regard to many of my personal ills, Carol has helped me to heal and grow in ways that I could never have predicted and to degrees I've previously only hoped were possible.  I am eternally grateful to her for her work and I deeply respect her willingess and courage to pursue, develop & share the great gifts that she has been blessed with to meet the varied and the very real needs of others.

Robert N., Saint Paul, Minnesota

"...what Carol does, doesn't make sense in the logical/rational domain that our culture loves and defends, but what Carol does has worked miracles in my life, especially with my family, my relationships with others and my job.  Don't miss the chance to work with Carol.  She is a gifted healer and all that she claims to be".

Judy L.J., Winnetka, Illinois

"The work is so profound, I find it hard to put the experience into words.  The sessions that I experienced with Carol were insightful and supportive.  This is a very deep approach to healing.  I felt lighter and more accepting of self and life in general.  I received more tools, more insight and more support for the human experience.  This work is priceless".

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Colleen E., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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